VF1000R HT Leads

Hello all,
Anybody know where I can get the front spark plug HT leads for my VF1000RE?
These are the plug caps with the angled cap.
I checked on CMS and they are the same front caps as the VF750F and that they are discontinued and not back order-able, same situation with David Silver.
I tried straight caps but the leads then touch the radiator.

Thanks for any help


Had a look around internet. Like trying to find hen’s teeth.

Best will be if one of the members have some locked away in a shed

Best of luck :+1:

Thanks for your help Hennie, I hope someone has a spare set they don’t need!

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You can try NGK XB05F as an alternative.
I am using them on my VF1000FF and do not have any problems, so far.

Thanks for the option I will take a look.
Does anyone else have any original ones they would part with?
Part number 30753MB2000