Vf1000r rear shock

Hi Everyone, Looking at getting a new rear shock for my VF1000R, Which is the best shock for vf1000r as there are a few to choose from?

Hi mick I recently replaced the old original with a Wilber’s 640,wasn’t cheap down here in aus not much change from 1000 aus but riding was like chalk and cheese after a few adjustments to suit me

Hi Tom,
I just had a look at the Wilbers 640 road shock and its £640.00 delivered to me in the UK.
The YSS shock is £299.04 delivered to me.

I use YSS and it runs fine. Be aware YSS mixed up something.

SC15 one fits into 85/86 frame, SC16 fits into 84 frame. If you need other combination it needs some adjustment work

Hi Faxe,
So your saying for a 85 or 86 VF1000R i would need to order a SC15 Shock…
Did you report this issue with the supplier or YSS?.

That’s the shock I ordered (SC15). I noticed they listed a shock length that was shorter than the one listed for the 1000F. Bolted right into one of my VF1000R and gave me the extra available ride height I wanted. Put the same shock on my 1984 VF1000F (US model).


I didn’t care … I needed a little bit more height, as I switched to PC25 wheels. So the longer SC15 one fitted also to 86 frame.

You can also fit 84R absorber into 85R frame if you shorten the upper mounting part a bit. And 85F absorber into 84F frame if you use two washers.

YSS on mine too, world of difference - that being said my original was clapped out junk.