Got a bee in my bonnet for an ‘R’, bit of a pension windfall coming my way in a few months, so a few questions for y’all. Oil mod, is it pertinent for an ‘R’ or just the ‘F’ models? Riding position, is it much more extreme than an FF? ( arthritic knees !) Any more pitfalls I should be aware of? If I am going to spend £6g +, which looks the number for a sorted one. Any useful comments eagerly awaited… Rog

Hi Rodger,first off well done you!
The way things are going I will be lucky to get a pension they are moving my retirement age so much I will possibly snuff it before I get there.
I would make a point of trying an R for size,they are surprisingly roomy tho.
The pegs look high but I am more tucked up on my blackbird.
It’s a long stretch to the bars and they are set low,your hands end up below the level of the top yoke.
The RE engine is just a gear driven FE so the cam bearings are the same,the oil mod is a personal thing some swear by it I have never seen the need.
£6k will get you a nice one,I would try for an RF or G,they are rarer and are based on the FF engine so have the longer cams and wider heads.
There are U.S. Imports in 85 and 86 models these are almost identical to the RF model apart from the single headlight on the 85 and the colour scheme and mirrors on both years.
I hope this is of some use to you and happy shopping
Regards Bif

Thanks Bif, very helpful, going to be a few months yet but wiil find one to try somewhere…

Hi Roger,
I agree with Bif and if you’ve got a litle stomach, you’ll have to look for an american import as they have a specialy shaped petrol tank! :-X

Thanks f.24, been a few about recently, was going to look at the one in Malton but it seems to have been sold or gone off the market. Due dilligance will be pursued at that sort of money…