VFR750 forks

Has anyone here tried VFR750 forks as a replacement for our aging VF forks?
They are 41mm, have a 20mm axle and are 83cm from centre line of front axle to fork cap, the main difference is the caliper mounts are 80mm apart, the VF1000 forks I have measure 41mm, 20mm axle, 86cm from centre line of front axle to fork cap.
I am aware of the 30mm difference and the posibility of the wheel hitting the front cylinder head under full compression if the original handlebars are used, but if the handlebars were able to bolt to the top triple clamp like a dirt bike (maybe a different triple clamp) then that should allow the VFR750 forks to sit at exactly the same length as the stockers.
Have I missed anything?
Is there a reason that these are not a popular conversion without going to USD forks?
I imagine that they are a better fork leg than our aging forks, don’t have anti dive (wont be missed) and the VFR is not a light bike either so hopefully they would be a suitable replacement.

Well it seems as though I may be the first to try this, if I can find a pair at a reasonable price that is. The only mod I may have to make is for the calipers, maybe an adapter plate? Perhaps a wheel spacer too, but thats easy since I have a small lathe and mill to fabricate small parts.

Hi mate
It’s a good idea I reckon. Rod Tingate down in Melbourne makes ‘Swan Neck’ type clip ons which would attach below the triple clamp and come up somewhere near the original handlebar position. I believe Rod can make them to suit your application.

I built a production style 1985 VF1000 race bike and used the standard forks, with standard internals, just more fork oil. I think the air gap was 150mm. Anyway they worked fine, but I’m putting the bike back on the road because I’ve got ahold of a 1984 VF1000 which is an actual super bike from back in the day. A far as I know it’s never been back on the road, still in race trim with factory race pipes, radiator, rear sets, triple clamps etc.
It’s getting a set of 1995 Kawasaki ZX-6R forks (41mm), wheel, and brakes, and a 17 inch rear wheel and late model rear shock conversion. In fact my production racer has a shock out of a 2004 Triumph Daytona which works a treat and isn’t that hard a swap.

If you went down the path of a 17 inch front wheel you will probably find it won’t hit the head, but if you go the Swan Neck clip on route it should be fine anyway.
Email me at chris@cycletorque.com.au and I’ll give you my number if you want to chat about it.
Chris Pickett

VFR750 forks are much the same as CBR600 ones which one Kiwi used on his R.He used the forks wheel and brakes in the standard yokes.The 30mm shorter length was a problem for him too.I was thinking of making up an extention to screw into the fork instead of the fork cap with a locking plate bolting through the top yoke where the air pipe fits.All i would need to do is make a spacer tube 30mm longer and thread the extention to take the fork cap.This route lets you use better calipers and larger diameter disks from the CBR even if you want to to keep the standard wheel.Regards BIF

Thanks bif, gives me another option, and there are probably others from the same era that would work as well, but that sounds like the best option so far.
Looks like ai will be scouring Ebay for CBR forks!