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Hi there, i’m a new owner of an 84 VF1000F, it’s a bit of a rat, it’s rolled about 33000 miles, haven’t really any history on it only that the cams were changed back in 89, thing is, is that it vibrates for the most but mostly around 4-5000rpm, are VF’s known to vibrate, has quite a tick somewhere can’t really locate it but think it is from the Top, could be valve clearance or cam’s? people here in Sweden don’t service their bikes unless absolutely needed, bike mechanics are extremely expensive, so i’m sure these valves haven’t been touched in a few thousand miles, but would that give the vibration? i wonder how it is to do the valves myself, is it tricky? don’t like the thought of rounding off those allan bolt head’s on the camcover, i think it has rubber gasket’s, are they re-usable? the brake calipers seem real loose too especially the left front with the anti-dive a few mm play back and forth, makes the whole front end feel as if it’s loose, well! here were a few question’s, please is there anyone who might have any ideas? would be extremely greatfull for any help. Thank’s Lester.

welcome to the site the best place to get advice on vf,s
No it should not vibrate but don’t worry as you are in the right place

had my vf1000fe 1984 for 5 years and just yesterday replaced the rear shock with a yss new one £255.00
It sounds a lot but it keeps my baby on the road and fixed a carb leak ,so it should be on the road soon

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bif seems to know all

Hope the new shock works … thankfully mine has been changed, they are a little pricey … let’s hope Bif take’s a look at my post :slight_smile:

Hi mate, ok vibration not normal on these, first try the rear sprocket damper rubbers for wear, if worn causes vibration when accelerating and when loading engine, the noisy tick you have needs investigating, the front and rear rocker covers remove fairly easy, just remove tank, air box and carbs plus coils and undo the rocker bolts and they will come off, the rear one as a breather pipe that needs removing as well and is a little tricky to get off but does come off if you are gentle, first check the tension of the cam chains, if they are ok then check cams and followers for wear and pitting, if that is ok then check valve clearance, but usually valve clearance gets smaller not larger as valve wear in head, if you find a large gap you must ask why it is there and investigate, front brake linkage is worn, see what part is worn and ask on here for bits, I have loads of spares and wont want the earth for them, and the rocker cover gaskets if not gone rock hard will reuse but don’t use sealer as this blocks the main oil strainer in the sump and starves engine of oil , you could remove the sump and check the strainer as if poorly maintained in past will be blocked and these engines do not do well on low oil flow, also check all bolts around engine are tight , hope this helps

Hi Lester,welcome to the forum.
Paul has covered the main look out fors on this bike,a lot of vibration is not one of its traits.
Are the vibes as bad with the bike on the stand and transmission in neutral?
Any change in neutral with the clutch pulled in?
Engage each gear in turn and run the rpm up to 4-5000,is the drive chain smooth?
Just a few checks I would run to locate the source of the vibes.
It’s worth retorquing all the mounting bolts as Paul suggests too.
Give it a try and let us have some feedback
Regards Bif

Thank you both for your replies, checked the engine bolt’s and they seem fine, sprockets and rubbers, chain are pretty worn, thought i’d wait till next year to renew them as the Bike season here is short, not too much vibes when reving up and no different with clutch in or out, because it vibrates around 4-5000rpm i imagine it is engine vibration and not from chain or sprocket, i think there is less vibration when the engine is well warmed up, haven’t had the Bike long so it might take a bit of time to understand what is happening and when.

Thanks again Lester.

Hi Lester, I’m wondering if you might be comparing the VF engine with the smoothness of a straight 4 perhaps ? I too was a little surprised at the lumpiness of my bike when I initially rode her and can now vouch after several thousand miles she runs well and healthily. I guess the only real way to find out is to try and seek out another one in your area and discuss / swap rides with the owner ?