Can anyone give me first hand experience of whether this club is worth joining or just a poor choice to spend £25 on? I’d be looking at the club as a resource for parts and service suppliers during my restoration. Bearing in mind the VF isn’t a ‘classic’ (yet) and fairly young in classic japanese bike terms, is there likely to be any benefit in joining? [?]

I have just recently let my membership run out, I only go to the VJMC show once a year at Lotherton Hall, there are meets with like-minded people once a month, they have local sections over britain, my local one is just 6 miles away but I never went, mainly because I worked away or either forgot, every month you get the Tansha magazine plus club directory, Tansha features various articles on restorations, plus they advertise services for restoration work, I have never noticed anything for getting discounts for buying parts etc. like I believe you should if you are in a club, you can get discounts at entry to shows, I might renew my membership and make the effort to go the the meets but I’m not in a rush, the Vf1000 is well within the age to what the VJMC covers, though I have yet to see one at a show.

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like the magazine might be of use in finding services etc, seems down south there’s a dearth of specialists who advertise.

Hi Chris. Not found them any/much use at all.

Magazines sush as Classic motorcycle mechanics can be just as informative if not better, as for services, you are better off looking around and making your own mind up, when I went to the VJMC show at lotherton Hall, I decided to look at a vapour blasters stall to see the work, the quality was rubbish, or garbage depending where you are from, with some dirt still being present in crevices and all the components on display being spray painted with aluminium (looked like car wheel silver aerosol) they should’nt have been allowed through the gate.
would it not be possible to have a section on this site where we could recommend services… maybe sorted by region.