WANTED for FE Model.

Here’s a list of stuff I’m having trouble locating for my VF1000FE restoration. As this is a nuts and bolts restoration, I need stuff that’s in as good a condition as possible, or can at least be brought back to good as new without major surgery!! So if you can help, please get in touch. Thanks.

Original new old stock LHS Silencer(rare as rocking horse pooh!

Belly pan in sound condition(no repairs or knackered mounting holes!)

Frame plugs. The silver plastic plugs that cover the engine mounting bolt holes on the side of the frame.

Tank filet in good unmarked condition. The small black plastic cover that clips into the top of the frame behind the steering stem.

Rear seat fairing, in good sound condition, no cracks, repairs or missing lugs.

I’m sure there’s other stuff I need but for now, that’ll do fer starters!! If you can help, I’d be much obliged.[8)]

Well, in the 2 years since I made this post I have managed to hunt down a NOS exhaust, NOS frame plugs and a seat fairing in very good used condition, ripe for refinishing. But I’m still hunting for a belly pan(early FE type, without the coolant channel scooped out of the top edge), any colour will do so long as its in sound condition. Also I’m still looking for the small black plastic frame cover that fits the frame in front of the fuel tank. (its called a cover head pipe gus, Part number is 61401MB2000). Its the same part as on the VF750F and the VF1000R. Any one got one in mint condition, or know where I can source one from anywhere!?