Wanted Left generator cover 1984 vf1000fe

IMG_20190701_222405396%5B1%5D Recently fitted new gasket and blue hylmar but it still leaks
I suspect a hair line crack in the casing at the top bolt

anyone got one for sale please
can paypal money


Let me know if you still need it. I have one for sure.

Yes still looking for one do you have pictures


I snapped some pictures. It is not leaking as yours for sure, I replaced it with another one which I restored.

IMG_20190805_230935%20(Large) IMG_20190805_230944%20(Large) IMG_20190805_230956%20(Large) IMG_20190805_231011%20(Large)

good photos
now down to the nitty gritty price ?


Just let me know what is fair price. It is just sitting in my basement.

Let me know where are you located so I can calculate shipping costs.

Can just about afford £20 plus postage
dont wan to insult you but times are hard right now only taken the bike out twict since may


That is fair price if you ask me.

Send me a private message with your details.

two questions
are you in the UK ?
Can you accept PayPal

I am located in Poland. I have paypal


my mums in hospital with a broken hip so things are a bit behind.
will paypal money as soon as i catch up