Wanted starter gear VF1000F2F 1985 Bol Dor

Hi. I’m in need of the starter gear for the above. I bought one from Ebay but it’s slightly different and I can’t find another. I have attached a picture showing the one I require. It must have the tapered ledge protruding out from the gear and not be flush with it. Many thanks.


Could you use a spacer to put it in the right place?

It may come to that but I’d rather put the correct one on if possible.

Just to add I thought I’d see about adding a spacer as suggested but found the original has 20 teeth on the small sprocket and the one I purchased has 21 and is slightly larger, so I’m still looking for a correct one if anybody has anything? Many thanks.

Did you find one i am in the same situation i fitted a vfr starter and it has trashed my starter gear on my vf1000re

Hi Tom. Is it the same as the one I was asking for (number of teeth and tapered shoulder)? If so I got one from Bif. I do still have the first one I bought that was wrong for my Bol Dor.

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This the same as the one i need i did the same as you got the one that didnt fit thought they were all the same cheers tom