Wanted vf1000r to purchase

Hi all, just signed up, I’m looking for a vf1000r to purchase good condition preferably but I don’t mind some resto work as I have a big garage.
Thanks all

What I did with mine seems to have resolved the problem.
I would like to get my hands on a new dial for my FE speedo as mine is a little faded from the harsh Australian sun.

What colour speedo dial are you looking for? In the not too distant future I will have an Australian spec yellow dial for an FF available. I’m swapping it for a UK spec.

In fact, the whole speedo will be up for grabs if you want it and it will fit.

Thanks for that but I am after the orange ones. Not urgent so will just keep my eye out.

Would a UK spec red speedo (mph main scale, kmh inner scale) be of any use? I’ve got one if it is?

I’ve got the other red clocks too if they’re any use?

Hi Chris, There your go though they were orange actually should be red.
Thanks for your offer but Oz ones didn’t have the MPH I will pass on this one thanks

No worries. Where are you based on Oz? If you get desperate Graeme Studdert at Classic Motorcycle Restoration in Gateshead NSW is a good bloke to know. He’ll be able to get you new dials made up to the correct colour, and even get the needle recoloured if it’s faded.

He did the cosmetic resto of my FF last year.