Water Hoses


Is anyone aware of a manufacturer of a set of replacement water hoses for an RE? It is early days on my rebuild, but I’m planning ahead. I was wondering if there was a Samco-a-like available?

I’ve asked questions of a couple of manufacturers here in the UK, who seem interested in producing something, but there’s a set up cost for the mandrels apparently, so they are keen to see if there would be more than me interested, is this something anyone else would want?



When I have rebuilt two VF:s I have been lucky to find some NOS parts, not all, though. Best way may be to use search engines with part numbers, or have the new ones made as a group purchase. The hoses are already almost 30 years old, so later idea sounds better to me.

I’m a newbe on this forum as I’ve just recently bought a VF1000r.
I would be keen on a set of newly manufactured hoses to fit.
With all the kits that Samco or similar produce you wonder if they couldn’t mix and match a kit out of what they already produce!