water pump or thermostat maybe????????

I have a pair of motad neta black silencers but the postage might be a lot to Oz from the UK ,fit without mods


Hi Lloyd,
Could you do me a fav and check how much to post to Fairfield Aussieland and let me know how much you want for them.
I can get a set of cans for about AU$300 but i need to modify slightly, something i’m used to doing is modifying.

I will weigh them today
£40.00 for them
Let Me see how much the shipping is then you can deside


Sorry but postage starts at £387.00

Think thats a no


HOLY CRAP, sorry mate but i think with exchange rate that would be what? a squillion dollars?
think i might have to go locally. thanks heaps anyway mate.
might ride it like it is till they fall apart or drill the guts out of them.

turns out they are 64kg and the shipping company likes gold plated pensions and charge by the kg in gold.[}:)]

hi windy, did you remove the exhausts from the bike before you weighed them [:D] i know motad’s have a reputation for being heavy, but 64kg [:D][:D] made me chucke lol

yep put them on my mums digital scale in a custom thin box
just dont tell her I used them.[;)]
the bike is 430kg a motoGp bike is now about 150kg,think they shaved a bit off.

That sounds like the GP bikes are anorexic. Its lucky you dont feel all that weight when you are going fast, unless you have to turn a corner that is.
Ride it like you stole it. [:D]

Hey Paul, did you take the big HO to the island? If so, how did she perform?

Hi Tony,
Phillip Island is on late Feb next year. I just wanted to do some test runs before hand. I did take it for a run on Sunday and it did perform quite well except for my mates bike shitting itself about 20kms into the ride so i rode home and got a few things and rescued him in my ute. I noticed at lights i was getting a waft of burning oil and realised there was a slight oil leak coming from the sprocket shaft. at first i thought it was the shaft bolt leaking and fitted an 'O’ring to the bolt (no seal was originally fitted) but the shaft seals were also leaking. I removed the seals and got new 'O’rings for everything and the 2 oil seals from CBC for $10.00 just need to find the gasket now. tried to ring Action Motorcycles yesterday about 30 times but no answer. I will try again today and HOPEFULLY they answer and there is a gasket in the country, or i might just have to make one.
Any ideas of joining us for the Superbikes at the island? ALL are welcome.
where in aussieland are you mate?

Sorry, getting my wires crossed again. You did mention earlier that it was next Feb. Good to hear the big “HO” is going well even if there are some minor niggles, expected of a bike this age.
I am thinking of going to the Island Classic in late January, a very relaxed meeting where all of the bikes of our era race against each other, just not for sheep stations.
Some ex racers never lose that competitive spirit though.
If my timetable will allow it, I may just be able to do two rides though, thanks for the offer.
It will also depend on how hot our summer is, I get a bit paranoid about bush fires in a hot season, the only time we have left our property over summer in seven years, Michelago (where I live) caught fire. Luckily not our farm though, but being 400kms away and watching it on the news was not much fun. Having said all that, it looks like we are in for another wet summer so far.
Michelago is about halfway between Canberra and Cooma on the Monaro Highway. I have been watching thousands of bikes going to and coming from Phillip Island for the last two weeks, made me wonder if the big “HO” was one of them, just another seniors moment though.

Hi Tony,
We come through there on the way down and have lunch at Cooma pub but i was on the XR600 for the last 3 trips. At the time i had the road wheels on. The XR is something deferent, i have had it up to 200kms/h at Oran Park back in 2008 and she has done 3 trips to the island. It has aluminium 5 spoke rims and a long range tank that will get me 400km range. We go for the supers which is a lot more relaxed than the GP’s and you can ride your bike around the outside to the spectater areas, How cool is THAT. On the w/end they have Historics running as well which are AWSOME.
I am hoping to get the ‘HO’ fixed so i can retire the XR to bush only.
I hope the weather is good to you guys this year and would be good to meet up for the weekend or even just lunch at Cooma on the way through on Wednesday.

Lunch at Cooma sounds great if I can’t make it to the island.