Waterless Coolant

I have been considering using Waterless Coolant in my Bol d’Or. Specifically, Evans powersport Coolant.
After going to their website and reading their claims and Data sheet I was puzzled. They make some rather astounding claims. It does not boil until it reaches 180 degrees C. It doesnt expand so puts less pressure on your cooling system and suffers from less vapourlock.
Wow! must get some!
But hold on, Loads of videos on Youtube saying that this stuff is crap and EXPENSIVE crap at that.
I Thought this stuff was some new wonderful chemical compound? No, it is mainly ethelyne glycol which is the main constituent of most antifreeze. It is less than half as thermally conductive as water and that is BAD. It will make your engine run hotter which is BAD. It cannot reduce the pressure in your cooling system as it expands as much as water at the same temperatures and it is this expansion that causes pressure. The cooling system is designed to run at a pressure as this stops water from boiling at 100 degrees C and Allows it to reach Over 130 Degrees without boiling.
Their blurb is misleading. It is innacurate. Water is THE BEST cooling medium . It is twice as good at absorbing heat and transferring it than this stuff and at the end of the day that is the main priority of a coolant!
Ok , we dont want corrosion in our system or for the coolant to freeze so antifreeze is necessary.
Normal ethylene glycol antifreeze mixed 50/50 will do the job and keep your engine running at the temperature it was designed to. Not to mention the fact that it is less than 1/5 the price.
So that is my conclusion, normal antifreeze and good old H2O for me.

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