Wet Weather Charging?

I was out last weekend on the VF’s first overnight trip and got caught in some rain for the first time on this bike. As the day went on starting became progressively worse and then she would not turn over at all. It jump started fine from another bike but later would barely run.
We left the jump leads connected for 15 mins or so and we made it to the B&B where a borrowed voltmeter which showed a under voltage battery and no charge from the engine. We borrowed a battery charger and by morning the battery was looking good and so went straight home with no problems…in the dry.
Since then I’ve checked the battery and charging system and all is normal, also fitted a led voltmeter and a run out today showed a almost constant voltage of 13.6v when running with lights on, 14.1v with lights off.
However, I’ve noticed that the regulator connectors are exposed to rear wheel spray on my bike (an 86 ff). The mudguard is in place and does not look to be modified.
Has anyone else had this problem or can shed some light on this ? Should there be some sort of cover?


I would clean all charging system connectors with electric component cleaner and then pack the connections with dielectric grease. Then try and replicate the issue locally.

There is no cover as such but if the multiplug is directly below the reg/rec as it should be,it would be very difficult for any spry from the rear wheel to reach it

Or even spray :joy::joy::joy::joy: