What Antifreeze Do You Use?

I’m sure this has been covered elsewhere on these forums, but I can’t find it.

Could the learned members give me a bit of guidance regarding the antifreeze you use in your VFs?

I’ve seen much conflicting information out there.

The Honda manual just says Ethylene Glycol. It’s no more specific than that. There are several nuances available regarding Ethylene Glycol antifreeze products - OAT, IAT, Silicate. Which one is the correct one out of those options?

I’m going to drain the system, flush and refill.

So, my question is this. What brand and type of antifreeze do you all use?

Thanks for your help.

Prestone ready mix works a treat

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Thanks bif. I’ll get my hands on some.

I’ve used the Honda/Acura premix in every water cooled mc since the stuff first came out. Iirc, the reason that convinced me was the level of silica it had (but it’s been a while ago, so I’m not 100% sure of that). Always been fine.