what's the lower fairing vents for? vf 1000 f2

Hi I’ve just bought a vf1000 f2 but I can figure out the function of the two vents on the lower fairings. Nothings mentioned about the function in the manual.

extra summer cooling for the rear cylinders I was told

Perfect thank you… Stange that the owners guide does’nt mention that. :slight_smile:

hope you never drop yours and trash these bit because you just cant get them Those flaps are more scarce than pedals on a gold fish. I have found a few spares in germany but even if you get a lower fairing panel (huge if) the extra bits are seldom there, The worst bit is damaging the upper fairing where the indicator seats into the top fairing because once that breaks up trying to re make another is a bastard of a job ! I spent agen on my hands and knees trying to pick up every damned bit of plastic off the road when I came off mine to make a jigsaw puzzle I could plastic weld to get a basic shape then trt o reingforce some how but then it wouldnt adhere to the main fairing and I had to give up now trying to find that illusive top fairing for a bol d or and the little pear shaped surrounds the indactors have to sit in are just as rare and no one seems to have any or if they do they dont want to part with them

Ok ill keep that in mind :slight_smile: I will use some duct tape to stabilize them a bit because the mounting holes in the fairing is starting to get a bit big.

A simple way fix broken plastic seats is to use aluminium tape in layers to build a mold attached to the fairing. Then use epoxi and fiberglass to build a new seat.

One way I`m starting to use on Honda plastics ( only to hold together - from the back ) is a soldering iron. It allows you to pool the plastic over the crack and smooth it where you want so when it sets it holds the fracture together. Obviously, then you work on the cosmetics on the face side.