whats the weather like where you are ?

well, 3 days into spring and about 6 inch of snow on the ground, is it just me or is everyone else getting fed up with this weather, last year at this time we had un-seasonably hot weather, about 20/21 degrees, thought to myself “it’ll be a good biking year” then it rained all rest of year… hoping for a good year this year [8D]

Down here in Norwich Not a drop but bitterly cold
Hoping to leave the country soon to see my Brother in Topeka Kansas where the sun shines and ride my other motorcycle on the endless open roads.

Beautiful here at Hyams Beach Australia! 29 degrees Celsius.
How does it go? Beautiful one day, perfect the next?

6 inches here in Leeds, shame just got the bike ready for the road …Easter next week as well[|)]

jeasus tony, you certainly know how to kick a man when he’s down [:D][:D]that beach looks absolutely gorgeous, wish i was there instead of here in the frozen north,

Windy, you probably got right idea heading off for some sunshine,

roger, i have it on good authority thar sunday and easter monday are going to be sunny, so maybe i’ll get the visor cleaned up just incase.

Sorry bout that Pete, if its any consolation, it won’t be long before winter is here, almost zero! Oh shit, there I go doing it again!

Got up up early to go into the garage, but the cold wind sliced right through me as I exited through the door… as you can now tell I’m on the computer, with a coffee and the central heating on.
Apparently, according the the weather people, we are getting a cold blast from Scandinavia, maybe the guys from the northern continent could come on here and explain themselves?, just because they are cold does not mean we have to be![:0]

Youre right Pete, Tony didnt have to do that quite so brutally. Anyway I wouldn`t want to be fighting for space on that overcrowded beach !

If I had one I would turn the thermostat down as the men and women who know are saying we have nearly run out of gas to heat your home

All future homes should be zero loss so you dont have to heat your home at all Scr#w British gas and all the rest involved in the selling game.[}:)]

Over half metre of snow here, and -8 degrees celsius. Spring maybe in one month… I did noce 30 km cross-country skiing trip yesterday.

snow accross the road only a few mm thick but then the wind froze it so the road and footpaths are just ice…

32C here today in sunny northern South Australia, we’ve just had our hottest summer for many years and it’s as dry as the proverbial Dead Dingo’s Donger! Top temps of around 47 - 48C degrees which is just ridiculous.[8D]

47-48C! That is hard to cop. I think the hottest I have ever experienced is 43C and that was bad enough.

Actually, that sort of ideology that says hotter is better doesnt suit me. I dont like the cold but I hate the extreme heat even more. I was in Perth in78 (I think it was ) when they had their hottest up till that time which was 42c. I was riding my bike home from work ( Yam XS750 ) and it was like riding in a furnace - `orrible. For me, mid to southern France has it about right for temps.
Perth has the highest number of cases of skin cancer per 1000 than any other city in the world - so I,m told. You dont get that from snow.!


Don’t worry Martin, we don’t like oppressive heat either, a stinking hot day is a fact of life here that we have to tolerate, just like a freezing cold day. Anything from 20C up to about 32C is just about perfect for me these days.
At least when it is cold, it is not hard to warm up, once it is stinking hot, it can be quite difficult to cool down.

Yeah I agree,I’ve had it with the hot weather, much rather the cooler days.
South France sounds perfect!

Lunchtime in Nowra, 24C, 65% RH, very slightly overcast and about a Force 2 - 3 breeze. By the way, that IS a crowd for Hyam’s Beach most weekdays outside of holiday times! Almost white sand that squeaks when you walk on it.

Just to even things up though, my fairing’s still in pieces, so the VF remains unregistered for now. My work CT110 just doesn’t quite fill the bill [;)]

Hey Hippo, I was in Nowra on Sunday, not a bad part of the world! Went out to Greenwell Point for a look around too. Nice Place.

Nowra is one of the most beautiful places in the world and my misses says if we were to move from Fairfield, thats where she wants to go.
Suit me, closer to the bendies down south.

Property prices in the Nowra area aren’t too bad either…hmmm