Who has trouble with email or topic notifications?

Hi all, I want to make it clear up front that I value the expertise, opinion, technical info and general community here on this forum and in no way do I want to p!$$ anyone off.

Since joining here on 12/09/2011, I have not been able to receive emails through the forum or topic notifications to my email address.

I have changed my email address to see if that made any difference, but no luck.

I have admittedly only contacted a moderator once regarding this issue, but have not had a response of any kind.

Do any of you have the same issue?

Send yourself a test message using the “Click to send an E-Mail” link on your profile page if you are unsure. You should I believe receive an email.

Do any of you have trouble receiving email notifications to new posts in a topic that you are subscribed to?
I have never received a single topic update notification in over two years, am I doing something wrong?
My subscriptions link says that I am subscribed to “Board Level Subscriptions (Subscription level set to Category)” which would lead me to believe that I should receive notification for any new posts on this forum, does that sound logical?

I suspect that this is an isolated issue, only applicable to myself and maybe a handful of other members.

What has your experience been with these questions?

Regards, Tony Brown


Hi Tony,

I’m sorry that email isn’t working properly on the forum. The forum software like our bikes, is very old and can be a bit cranky. Worst of all it requires a Microsoft server as it’s written in ASP. On my list of things to do is to migrate the forum to a newer system, I have been meaning to do it for a few years now and will try and make it a priority. Until then I have disabled the email subscription functionality. If you are on Facebook, like the vf1000 Facebook page and you can also get notifications of new posts in your Facebook timeline.