Windscreen question?

I would like to ask if anyone has modified/replaced the stock windshild on thier vf1kf? I have a much longer ride to work than I did a year ago and would like to not have to lay on the tank to keep the elements from pounding me from the chest up! I have seen the extended screens but havent found any up for sale or even know if they work. I have considered the add-on styles but really dont like the idea of poking holes in my stock screen. Any ideas or do’s and donts’ that you could clue me into would be great!!

they do make a taller screen but cannot think where
its online i think
will rattle my brains and get back to this

I saw an advert for such a windscreen fmade by Ermax. I’ll investigate…

Have a look here:

I have a flip up one that I tried, as I am 6ft4 tall it just aimed the wind straight at my helmet so I removed it and it has been sat on the side for 3 years now. If you were in UK you could have it for free, or if you want to pay for postage to US you still can. Let me know.