Winter fettling

Lots of little jobs to do on the old girl and I have use of a nice warm kitchen while Mrs Viffer is away in Vegas for the week. :grin: :crazy_face: :innocent:


Nice one drew :thinking:

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That might be a picture to keep hidden from Mrs viffer in my experience, I know my better half would not be overly worried about how warm I was when working on my bike especially if it meant the kitchen stinking of petrol and oil!


That’s one mighty fine example of the marque if I may say so.

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Thanks Chris, here’s a few from this week :grin:
20200529_164623 20200529_164610 20200529_150120 20200525_184925

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Don’t tease me. Mine’s en route from Aus. Won’t be here for another seven weeks…:unamused: