wish i could afford this it is mint !


It may look mint, but its been on eBay for sale repeatedly for months now, I remember seeing it in the spring so must be something thats stopping it from selling…

Is that a square headlamp I can see on it ? Im guessing the German market, like the American market didnt allow / want twin headlamps then ? I think the R is much nicer with the twin lamps compared with the square.

just thinking what it is worth for parts must be worth more than £1000 the fairing panels are worth at least £600 the complete exhaust another £400 anything after that is profit … its got 2 new tyres on it that saves £200 or could jusat get it registered with the dvla

In times of deep recession and cuts
Things are worth what somebody is willing to pay for something.
Price asked Means Nothing…[:D]

Ah Windy, we are now into the realms of worth. When times are plentiful a man will pay £1000.0 for a pound of gold and virtually nothing for a pint of water. When times are hard … you guessed it - visa versa.
Real worth is what it takes to keep us alive.

Confucius say " when chain still swing - seat still warm " [:D]


It finally topped out at £560 and didnt reach reserve. I guess well see it back on again in the near future.

It looks good, but knowing the price level in Germany, it might be that there are not much takers. The bika has 77000 km in th emeter, which can be seen as a problem. In my opinion there is double headlamp, all modens for german markets had it. The square headlamp was in bikes for Finnish and two other market areas. I switched from square to double, which was not very big job.