1000 ff fuel t piece

Hi everyone does anyone have a fuel t piece for a set of vf1000 ff carbs it is the one that the fuel supply connects to either the left or right bank will do as I believe they are both the same or does anyone know where I can buy some from

regards Paul

Hi Paul,
none to spare but you may found some here while at a price… http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Magna-Sabre-Interceptor-1000-VF750-VF700-VF1100-Carburetor-fuel-tube-/191565500285?hash=item2c9a318f7d

or there for a complete set:

Thanks for the advise have ordered a pair from the states will the interceptor ones fit my ff 1000 carbs as the early vf 1000 are different but it states 85 to 86 on the advert so presume they are correct thanks Fred for your help

The FF pipes differ from the FE ones Paul,can you post a picture of the one you need and I will sort one out for you
Regards Bif

cheers bif will take a photo tomorrow with dimensions and post on the site

Hi Bif I tried to remove the t pieces today but they were extremely brittle and disintegrated upon touch from what I can remember the ff t piece is thicker in diameter and shorter than the fe type hope this helps the shoulder of the t piece where the fuel line from the pump fits on is nearer one end than the other my t pieces are in at least 20 pieces

hi paul,
found this on a previous posting, shows windy holding a carb fuel tube, i dont have one but is this the type your looking for,

Hi Pete yep that looks like the one to me thanks for putting the picture up hope bif can sort it from there

Got you Paul,I will find you one tomorrow when I get to the store,PM your address for posting
Regards Bif

Hi bif I have sent you a pm

small note
the pictured one is off my FE its different to the one you want 99% sure when I stripped your carbs down :slight_smile:

Hi bif money sent

Thanks Paul I will get it off to you in the morning
Regards Bif

:wink: Hurry up Bif because otherwise Paul will have to pay a lot for import taxes! 8)

Has it arrived ok Paul?
Regards Bif

part arrived this morning, thank;s for your help bif