1000 FF: raising the rear

There is about 15mm of adjustment for rear ride height on the Wilbers 641 shock in the back of my FF, but I want more, since going to a 17" CBR wheel kit.

I see from other threads that there are different tie rods (dog bones) between the F and FF/F2 models.

Which ones are shortest?

I’d like to raise the rear by a good 20mm or so.

Any other ones from other models that would work?



Actually, looking at the parts fiche, there aren’t really dog bones as such, just the pro-link set up.

Boo, sucks.

Anyone any ideas?

Hi, I was wondering how much you want to lift the rear as I am pretty sure that if you lengthen the shock by 15 mm it will lift the rear by probably double that amount?

I reckon a good 20mm effective.

It just feels a bit low at the back since the wheel conversion, despite the fact that the front is lowered more in the process.

I’ve gone about as far as I dare on the shock, so I’d like a bit more by another means.

To be honest I can’t understand why the wheel conversion would make it low at the rear as it was a 17 inch rear it had on anyway. What size tyre are you running on th rear?

The old tyre is a 140/80/17, the new tyre is 160/50/17 - that’s a whole lot of profile you’re losing there.

Is it not possible to get someone to make you a new slightly longer lower mounting for the shock… wilbers may even do one…

Possibly you are using a 160/60 rear which loses you 16mm on the profile.
swap the rear to a 160/70 for the same rolling radius as the original tyre.
The added advantage is keeping the gearing standard
Regards Bif

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5 mm more on the shock Absorber, gives you 15 mm more height on the rear wheel.

I would also tend to 160/60 (maybe 70) - 17

Yes, it would appear as if the tyre I have is actually a 160/60/17, not a 50 profile, but the 70 would be better.

Actually looking at it now, the old tyre is actually an 80 profile, according to the specs.