1000 into 500 ?

Has anyone tried putting a 1000 engine into a 500 frame or even a 750 engine into the 500 frame ?
I was just thinking if you could (nearly ) make a 1000R replica using the 500 model but with a standard 1000 engine ?

Just how much bigger physically are the engines as you go up the scale.


I had once considered trying to graft two 1000 engines together to make a V8 but redundancy at the time pooped on that idea, ever seen Alan Millyards work?

speeking of grafting engines together, not sure who this guy is, but he must be a mechanical geniuses,

Alan Millyard was at Calne Bike Fest last year on this latest creation - a Dodge Viper V10 !
You should have heard the bloody thing - brilliant engineer, he does it all himself. He made Kwack V12s from 2 x KZ1300 straight sixs grafted together, 5 cylinder`s ( in a line ) Kwack 2 strokes etc.


No one has answered the initial question - how much bigger physically is a VF 1000 engine to a VF 500 ?
Is there any possibility it could be shoe-horned into a 500 frame ?


I never did any direct comparisons, I had a VF400, I recall reading somewhere that mentioned that the VF500 shared the same crankcases and frame as the 400, the VF1000 is substantially larger, but cannot say how much.

The VF1000 motor is huge compared to the 500. Not saying it couldn’t be done. There is a gentleman in Australia who put a 1000 motor in a 750 Interceptor. It eventually cracked the frame but was fixed. Then he crashed and wrecked it.

You would need to pretty much remake the 500 frame to handle the 1000 motor. I don’t think it’s been done.

I plan on putting VF750 Interceptor bodywork on a stripped down VF1000R frame/motor eventually myself.

“I had once considered trying to graft two 1000 engines together to make a V8”

Philjo, if you ever get back to that project you might want to beef up the gearbox for that to work for any length of time!