17 Bol.'s on the road.....can we get them all in one place

I WAS THINKING AS THERE are so few of our bikes on the road could we get them all in one place

Its a nice idea radical, but its a bit too late for me this year, other than maybe the odd trip to squires if we get any mild weather over winter, i dont think my vf’s will be hitting the road until the Stafford bike show April 23/24th, which just happens to be the weekend before the Scottish trip.

17? That’s almost 50% less than in 2011. Where did you get the figures from?

I need to get mine back on the road, but i’d be game certainly.

Maybe in the Spring?

It’s a rare old bike these days - one of the reasons I love it :slight_smile:


I think PAJ has asked a significant question on this thread,where did the figure of 17 BolDors on the road come from Radical?
It’s strange as Ian has recommissioned his Teambif have finished another and you yourself have added two to the tally
Regards Bif

whilst trawling around on the internet i came across this site https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk
it shows 15 bol’dors, 27fe, and 25ff, how accurate it is, i dont know, i printed the screen shot below,
seems like the FE is making a bit of a come back, there may even be another one to add to the list next year. :o

Hi Pete, how many VF1000R SC 16 left in Britain? 10 VF1000R F and 1 ou 2 VF1000R G :cry: That’s not much.

Here, in the v4H80 club, we have twelve VF1000R (3G and 9E) on the road and we know a dozen of other VF1000R on the road most of them being VF1000R E.

We have about a dozen of VF1000FF , twenty VF1000F2 and a dozen of VF1000FE on the road among club members and we see quite a lot of non club owned machines…

Hi Fred. . You have quite a good membership over in the v4h80 club… I haven’t a clue how many currant members we have and which vf they own… according to the “how many left site” there are 10 Re licenced and 47 sorned… which is probably about right…

Very interesting 8), I didn’t know the department of transport were now making this data freely available, you can download an excel spreadsheet with all vehicle registration data in it, this is where the “howmanyleft” site is getting the data from.

We last carried out a similar audit using the freedom of information act in 2004 and 2011 to get the data from the DOT.

What is interesting is that like BIF suggested the total number of bikes in existence in the UK is actually increasing, but the number actually road worthy is decreasing. The increase being due to restorations, the decrease - I guess is typical of bikes that are no longer roadworthy due to age, lack of spares etc.

Here is the comparison :



I was doing a little thinking about the figures above and how they will fluctuate,
When i bought the “project FF/FE” frame and engine i had to re apply for the log book as the bike had been removed from the road before the sorn regulations came into force, I was able to able to get the correct registration number/details as dvla still had them in there archive, but they wouldnt have been counted as either sorn or licenced, so that would have accounted for an increse in figures.
Also, i have an FE frame that is sorned, that bike was probably dismantled over 10 years ago, so that will be in the figures as if its a full bike.
I also have a f2f frame that was removed from the road before sorn, im probably going to get it re registered soon, and may rebuild it in the future.

My thoughts are that the figures released from dvla will be slightly inaccurate, i would think that nearly all the complete bike in existance will at some point have resurfaced and been registered with dvla, but i would assume that there are quite a few bikes that have been broken leaving the frame and a few other odds and ends sorned in the shed… so i suppose the only figure you can accept as being accurate is the licenced numbers at 27fe, 24ff and 17f2f a total of 68f"s… And back to radicals original question, could we ever get all the vfs in one place, i think nil chance… but i suppose if we keep plugging away with meet ups we may get quater of the way there… Merry christmas all ;D

Well this years meet up with 6 or 7 bikes was 10% of all the bikes on the road in the UK - not bad!

you never know… we may break into double figures for scotland :o

Yes Pete, BUT one of them just might be a French import. Does that count ? :o

yep, french imports count as 2 ;D