170/60/ZR17 VF thou' rear rubber

I wanted a better tyre choice for my F2 simply because I push it very hard and am mindful of traction failure mainly because I feel it drifting quite often, anyway I’ll get to the point. I was running Avon Azaro’s which I found to be ok but they (Avon) canned them and brought out the storm range which I don’t like one little bit which brings me to the place of investigating my options and I have come up with a great alternative for it which I am quite happy with, I haven’t fitted the front one yet but it will go on quite easily I can see it, anyway here it is, I got on evilbay and picked up some late model cbr600f4i wheels complete with tyres, calipers, discs, spacers and axles, the rear rim is 5 1/2" wide and the stock tyre is 180mm which by the way doesn’t fit so by putting a michelin pilot road 2 170/60/ZR17 onto it, it just touches when pushed completely forward so once you put the chain on it obviously has to be pulled back to tension it and therefore having clearance and the extra bonus is the chain guard goes back on without chopping it up. speaking of chains, the only thing you have to do to line the sprockets up is unbolt the rear sprocket from the sprocket carrier, flip the sprocket over and bolt it back on because the sprocket is offset and once flipped over lines up perfectly. So you use the vf’s axle and wheel tensioners, the f4’s caliper, spacers and of course wheel. There is one bit of mucking about, there has to be, the caliper needs a locating lug and the swingarm being cast magnesium alloy I wouldn’t advise welding, heating, bending or doing anything to it, so my suggestion is a bit of rectangle hollow section that fits over the swingarm with the lug already welded to it and a grub screw to lock it to the swingarm. If you have a better idea, go for it.
Anyway I thought it was worth sharing with you VF nuts over yonder there. Have a great day.

Hi Ray,I am in the process of fitting out Teambifs R with an F3 rear wheel also 5.5".I am welding a bracket to the inside for the rear brake caliper bracket.I am told the swingarm is aluminium and that this wont be an issue.I want to keep everything as light as I can but neat at the same time.Your plans for the front end are very interesting,please keep us posted as to progress.Regards BIF

I streamlined the rear caliper lug, i made to clip over the top of the swingarm and return underneath with a lug welded to it, looks and works well. The front wheel needed a little bit of work, I had to take the 12mm thick axle seals out, machine down the seal housing by 5mm and replaced them with 7mm ones, then take 5mm off the disc mating surface, these 2 mods will allow the wheel and the discs to fit between the fork legs, the f4I rear axle will become the front axle and without a speedo drive unfortunately because the f4I speedo was driven from the gearbox, so I am told, anyway I have a waterproof gps for it, I know, I know they aren’t all that accurate but at least I’ll have an idea of what speed I’m doing. I’m off to pick up some steel tomorrow for the front caliper mounts, it’s all looking really hot, to finish it off will be braided brake hoses