1984 RE con-rods

Can anybody make sense of this for me? I am trying to rebuild a 1984 RE model engine which needs a set of new Conrods. The original set was missing along with pistons. So, my first question is, given that there are five weights of con-rod listed for both front and rear cylinders and they have to be paired according to the table shown in the manual am I able then to freely select any matching pairs still available off the shelf at a stockist or do I have to know how the crankshaft is balanced in order to select the correct con-rods?.
To further confuse the issue, having looked on the CMS parts list I find the original part numbers for the five front and rear rods available have now been superceded by just three part numbers for each set with each number representing two rods!! A quick glance at the RF model part numbers showed they are now superceded by just one part number for all five of each front, rear rods. Can anybody help me to figure this out?
Regards Mic

I got a spare rod, if you need …


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Ha!..mashed!!.. Bit like my head.
That’s exactly what I’m hoping to avoid


Hi Mic,
Are the rods available new? Unless you’ve got an unlimited budget it might be possible to get a set of used pistons and rods?
You could always build a hybrid motor, using freely available FE rods and pistons, and keep your eyes open for the proper RE parts?
Good luck with the rebuild and update us on progress of your project.

Hi speedygp,
Thanks for your input. There are a small number of rods available new from CMS. At the moment there is two of each weight grade available for both front and rear rods. And there is the possibility,as you say, of a set of second hand rod/piston assy’s becoming available. It may be that I would have to then get the whole crank/rods and pistons assembly balanced professionally in order to build in some reliability.
Will update when progress is made
Cheers, Mic