1984 vf1000f

hi guys I just bought this bike and it has 34000kms on it i just love it!!! the exhaust was chopped at the cat for some dumb reason and also i have the euro twin frnt light assembly plastics and side fearing and just cant figure out how to put it bk together can anyone help please, anything will be very helpfull other wise has anyone turned this bike into a ducati style exposed frame style bike i would be very interested in that since honda did a amazing job with the alumin fram and gas tank i think it would look awesome thanks again ttyl

Hi - sounds like you’ve got a project there.
You don’t say which model the fairing is from (vf1000f2 or vf1000r)but either way there are various brackets which attach to the frame to secure the fairing. You will have to make and weld in place the attachment points for these brackets to your vf1000f frame. Are you sure it is a vf1000f frame you have.
Also the vf1000f/f2/r frames are steel not aluminium - they are just painted in an aluminium colour.

You may be interested in this street fighter I spotted on youtube:-


Where abouts in Canada, how about some pictures.

By the way vfcrazy, that street fighter looks good.

Yes the bike is a vf1000F I just
Don’t understand why the front plastics
Won’t just bolt on ??? I have the twin
Light frnt And a single light frnt both
Leave me clueless as to how the assemble.
Anyy help iis much apreciated thanks
Will post pics soon

Hi, take a look at some of the photos posted by Tinytim of vf1000fe rebuild, you should be able to see the fairing support bracket (holds the upper radiator and single headlight) the fairing slides over this frame and locates on 2 rubber mounts at the side of the light - 2 u-shaped recievers on inside of fairing. The fairing also locates on the lugs to the front end of the fuel tank. The fairing is held by 2 screws on its under side.

The dual head light fairing fits differently and uses a different support frame.


I live in Hamilton ontario…

Hey Erik
Where did you find the Euro Twin Light fitting?

Honda VF1000F information

if the fairing is f2f then the top half fastens via the mirror assembly and the lower halves simply fasten to that There is only one fitting that attaches the lower fairing to the frame just by the stand other than that they just fasten to the upper fairing. There are two other fastenings at the height of the indicators inside the upper fairing that fasten close to the top radiator. There ought to be fasteners under the fairing that fasten to the frame close by the stand Oh and the top fairing has a fastener the most rear of the three holes is a fairing bole that fastens to the frame…