1984 VF1000fe Back on the road

Back on the road after a couple of years laid up.
1984 VF1000fe
UK model bought new by original owner from Rex Judd in London
Owned by me since 1997 - 3 previous owners.
More or less completely original other than-
Some paintwork and plastic repaired and painted by previous owner after he fell off.
I had seat covered in blue leather just after I got it.
New rear exhaust cam and oil mod in 2004 along with top end overhaul.


Nice looking bike, always did like the RWB colour scheme. Still do.

OK, Manged to suss out how to get the picture to display on this page.

Nice bike :slight_smile: Same as mine!

thats a good looking vf, and in the best colours

Looking good, nice to see original exhausts still thereā€¦

I have the red one and I think its wicked and I am glad I restored it to its original colour scheme.
It still gets loads of interest from people everywhere[8D]