1984 VF1000FE - For Sale or Will Break

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Hi Miti-Babe,

It’s a longshot, but you say you have a lot of “engine stuff” so I’ll take a chance.

Do you by any chance have rocker arms to sell? I am doing a complete engine over haul and are in need of a new set, preferably all eight.

Best Regards
Stockholm, Sweden

Sorry Markus, I checked and there were no rocker arms in any of the boxes… No crankshaft either… I guess that engine died the hard way…


Hi Folks;

That’s the FE away… Off to a new home in Teesside… If Vince gets in touch, be nice to him…

I still had a few small bits and pieces that weren’t to hand when the bike was collected, but the van was completely rammed… Not bad at all for £500… I think he’ll be well pleased…

I’ll advertise the other bits as and when I can get hold of them… There’s not much, but maybe of use to someone, eh…?


Hello Vince the new owner of Jeffs VF1000 - just thought I would drop a line to Jeff thanking him for a cracking bike at a better than fair price. My son Andrew was up at Knockhill on Saturday at Bob Scott Racing getting a pair of forks fettled, by the time he had finished having a bit of craic with Bob he was late to Jeffs and even later back to Teesside.
When I opened the back doors of the Transit on Sunday morning it was like Christmas had come early!!
Better still the bike looks like it is not far off being good for MOT and away we go.
Sensible mods to the oil system a scottoiler and even a set of forks to accept an 18inch front wheeel - hours of fun to be had.
I am currently building a CD200 Honda before riding it to Bulgaria for charity, I have a facebook page Teesside to Veliko Turnovo if anyone is interested once back from that in April will be pleased to provide updates on the VF - wheeled it in and out of the garage a couple of times yesterday how did Geoff Johnson win the Production TT on one in 84 or 85!
Once again thanks Jeff I owe you a pint.

[:0]I cannot understand why any person would want to change the front wheel for a 18" one as in and out of the corners this Honda setup is awesome.
The predecessor to the great CBR600f what a machine that was.
The boldor had a 18" wheel but it was regarded as heavy on the steering.
I have heard reports online that some idiots fell off because they locked up the front but the break on this is like throwing out an anchor to stop and not the wheels fault

Its just some young riders just could not handle the power spread.

Cant wait till summer.[:)]

welcome vince, sounds like you’ve got a good deal, theres nothing like having a van full of bike bits to sort through/play with lol, good luck with the vf and the cd.