1984 VF1000FE for sale

Hi all. I have my VF for sale and thought I would list it here first.
I am in Ulladulla, NSW. Looking to get $3900.
Call Keith on 0422 483 275 if interested.
1984 Honda VF1000FE
Classic 80’s Muscle Bike in very good condition.
Lots of work done to this bike and it shows.
I have had the bike since sept. 2013 and have had 2 trips to Phillip Island on it in that time. The V4 sounds great and gets plenty of looks where ever I go. It just goes and goes and never lets me down.
It is on historic rego ($50/year in NSW) which is not transferable. With the changes in Historic rego you are now allowed to ride the bike 60 days/year plus any club events.
It’s time to clean out the shed though and 5 bikes is (apparently) too many. I also have a 1966 Yamaha YL1 that I am considering letting go.
Work done includes:

Oct. 2013 - 30,000 km
- Front and Rear Brake Calipers clean and rekit
- Front and Rear Brake master cylinders clean and rekit
- Cooling system inspected and top up coolant
- New Pirelli sport demon front and rear tires

Mar. 2014 - Ventura rack and Grab rail (bag not included)

July 2014 - Rear shock Replaced with Daugherty Motorsports custom rear shock with reservoir

Jan 2016 - 36,000 km Engine Top end overhaul:
- Cam chains and timing done : new cam guides and tensioners
- new head head gasket
- valves done : new valve stem seals
- new oil pan gasket
- oil (20w-50 premium mineral oil) and filter changed
- new spark plugs
- cooling system flushed and new coolant added
- radiator fan switch mounted on dashboard
- front fork oil replaced

Oct. 2016 - 40,000 km
- Oil (20w-50 premium mineral oil) and filter changed

17 Nov. 2016 - 40,801 km
- Rear tire replaced with Bridgestone Battleax BT45
- Front tire Pirelli sport demon still has plenty of tread

12 Feb 2017 - 41,400 km
- Thermostat (88c) and radiator cap replaced.

There is all the usual wear and tear you would expect on a bike that is 33 years old, but the fairings are in surprisingly good condition with no cracks. There is some discolouration on one side of the fairing on the decal…see pics. This does not slow the bike down though :slight_smile:

The bike also comes with a few extras : - Ventura rack and Grab rail (bag not included)
- spare seat - I was going to get MJM in Goulburn to do me a super comfy seat for long trips, but original was pretty good so never got around to it.
- spare air filter
- Original sales brochure from 1984
- Clymer workshop Manual

I have loved riding and restoring this bike, but it is time for new projects.

That’s a beauty Keith. If I were closer I’d be tempted but anyway, you wont have any trouble moving her on ( sadly).

Good luck

Thanks Marmite. I have also remembered there is a spare instrument panel and turn signal cover also to go with bike. Keith

That looks tidy and would be very interested but I am in the old South Wales, so postage might be an issue…pity.

Bike now Sold. :slight_smile: