1984 VF1000FE fuse cover plate

[:)]Hello all
Just picked up a VF1000FE and I want to get it restored for next year.
So far I have found two side panels,2 rear grab handles and fork seals from ebay and ebay.com,my brother will post to me some parts as he live in Topeka Kansas.
New petrol cap with keys for £52.00 and a front brake leaver for £8.50 from Dave Silver Honda dealer.
But the item that eludes me is a Fuse cover plate.

I have now tracked the correct plate but now I have to find someone thats willing to part with it for Cash or what ever.

Can any one help me restore my VF to original spec please.
I have a picture of the one I want but have not yet worked out how to load pictures

Lloyd F in Norwich

I have an '86 FF fuse cover that i could possibly part ways with. Let me check its condition. Can anyone can confirm an FF fuse cover is the same as an FE fuse cover?


Just a thought. For parts closer to your home than Australia, try asking q-yoda from ebay if he has the fuse cover you need. He is very helpful.

The FE plate has a rounded front profile as opposed to the later angled ones, as fitted to the FF onwards. I’m pretty sure the ignition switch stems were of different lengths too, so the switch wouldn’t sit flush without the right cover. I do have an intact FE cover. It’s used and a little discoloured but you are welcome to it for the price of postage if you want it[;)].

Thanks fellow VF owners for your input
Have now secured a new one and its the right one from a Honda dealer in Berlin.
I went to my local dealer and he scaned Europe database and he came up with Motoklora GmbH
Unterer Talweg 38
86179 Augsburg

I know its a lot but at $70 Euros it seals the fuses from the rain and looks complete .

Trust German efficiency,probably be here overnight.

I used email and goggle translate and the phone.

Now I need to find a choke leaver assembly because mines missing.