1984 VF1000FE Hard to start and then idle only

Hi Team VF

She when for service and MOT.
I collect her and drove back home +/-10miles. After 6 - 7 mile notice the heat gauge not coming up. Proceed slowly to my house. Then I switched off the engine about one liter of coolant (rusty in colour) came out via overflow.

Flashed the coolant system the following day and add new coolant and replaced the thermostat and O-ring. Since then she will start and idle on full choke, but id you touch the throttle or close the choke she die.

Any suggestions from you most welcome before I take it back to garage

Thanks in advance
Tuffy (Tiffy)

I dont think the coolant issue and the starting are related, since you mention the choke is affecting its ability to run. Now you have hopefully resolved the cooling issue I think you need to move to the fuelling. Have you checked/replaced the air filter and fuel filter? Then I’d look at the carbs. Perhaps drain the float bowls and catch the fuel from them to see if any sediment. Has the fuel tank been flushed through or does that have crap in the bottom of it? Then probably going to need to pull the carbs off to clean them out. Possible your previous run out pulled some dirt into the carbs. Also do a quick check are all exhaust headers getting hot, is it firing on all 4.


Thanks for that ! I am happy to hear you confirming the cooling and starting are not related.

I will follow your advice and let you know the outcome

Thanks again

Top man Voycie

Fuel problem sorted as you suggested


Fuel problem sorted as you suggested @Voycie


Good stuff glad you got it sorted! Well done