1984 VF1000R E SC16 Carburettor Repair Kits

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I need 2x 1984 VF1000R E carburettor repair kits. Where can I find these? Some eBay sellers advertise repair kits for 1985-86 VF1000Rs only. These are usually US sellers. I presume this is because the 1984 E models weren’t available in the US. Are the 1985 carburettors different to the 1984 carburettors at all? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Brad, I purchased some carb repair kits for my VF1000RE from NRP carb specialist in Manchester

Thank you. Would there be anyone located in Australia who could provide carburettor kits?

Can anyone confirm for me if the carburettor rubbers for the 1984 E model carbs are the same for the later US delivered models (1985-1986)?

They fit a few VF models according to CMSNL.