1984 vf1000r need help identifing what i got

1984 vf1000r need help identifing what i got

i know the bike is from Australia im in the US

need some help

You got a lot of work to do … :wink: And you will need some parts.

It looks like a VF1000R, so you got one. Maybe you should give some more details.

What exactly do you want to know?

It looks like repainted tank. 85 fairing.

It is a 1000R but has a US tank. My guess would be an 86 USA model.
The 1000R was only released in 84 in Australia and did not have the later style fairing that one has.

In the US the 85 had the single headlight and the 86 the dual.

Why do you think it is an Aussie bike?

I had an 85 US with dual headlight (maybe modified later, before it was shipped to europe).

A great help would be frame and engine serial numbers. Maybe also carb identifier.

thats what the vin identifies it as SC16-2003346

The frame number may be from a few places - Italy, England, Euro direct sales, and of course Australia.
It is an 84 so someone has converted it to the later style fairing and US style 23 litre tank ( AU and Euro was 25 litre tank).