1984 VF100F (USA) ignition coil options

I hope someone can enlighten me on this! My 84 has a bad coil and I have been looking at my options for replacing both of them. So far I found Dyna Coils and Accels but they are very pricy, I have seen were some people have upgraded to CBR stick coils, I can’t find a definite sorce on what year CBR will work. Currently my primary resistance is 2.9 to 3.0 ohms and my secondary is 13.9 to 14.2 ohms. Can any one help me out so I don’t waste money and/or burn up my spark boxs?

So… I ordered a set of used Denso 129700-3881 coils from E-bay. I rewired them in series and plugged them into my existing harness, I still need to install a .5 ohm resistor into each circuit but the bike started up easier and idled smoother than I can ever remember! Next will be modifying the fans/radiator to clear the new coils and a test ride to see how they operate throughout the full RPM range.