1985 Honda VF1000F Value

Hi Guys,

i wonder if you can help… I have a 1985 VF1000F in the red/white and blue colour scheme, 14,000 original miles on the clock, i am the second owner and i have had it for around 15 years. Its in immaculate condition, runs and rides perfectly. Looking to pass it on to the next person to enjoy as i don’t get time to use it, can anyone guide me on value or anyone interested!!! I’m in Surrey, England.

The bike was brought new in 1985 and the guy used it for two years before putting it in the garage and going to America on a business trip and never coming back! His father dry stored it in the proper way and then in the early 2000s the father came to work for me and it came up in conversation, i had to have it, a try barn find with 4,000 miles on the clock! i had it checked over, serviced, new tyres and seals etc and it was like new again. I had many years of enjoyment from it but has been sitting in the garage for the last few years only coming out to be run and MOT’d and not used.

Any help re value would be appreciated, i will try and post some pics over the weekend.

hi howeller,
if there was any justice in the world it should be worth £3.500 assuming the condition is pretty much mint and its all gennuine as you say, unfortunatly though, at that price you would probably have to wait ages for the right customer to come along.
I know of a vf1000ff that was sold recently for about £2.600, i have seen the bike with my own eyes and its in imaculate condition although it has had some parts painted/powder coated up…
Probably, as yours is in imaculate/ genuine condition it may appeal to someone who shows classic bikes, that may be your best bet to realise its best price, anyway, good luck with the sale and i hope the next owner drops in here…


Hi Pete,

Thanks for the advice. i think i will put if up for £3500 and see how i go. I’m not in a great rush and its a great bike and future classic for some one, l’m not going to give it away…!

I will pull it out the garage and post some pictures when i get a chance.

Meanwhile if anyone is interested let me know.


Hi Adam, good luck with the bike. You might be a little optimistic but no harm in trying. Prices seem to be dragging a bit lately.

Picture… For sale under new post!

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Hi all, thanks for your help. The bike is now sold to a nice gentleman for £3200.

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