1985 VF1000R Rear Brake Rotor

Does anyone have a rear brake rotor recommendation? I think the original is salvageable but needs to be turned. Do bike shops turn rotors? I am in Florida, USA

Maybe look for a good used one…

You’re in the States, check this place out


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Thank you for the link! I will micrometer my disk and make sure their is enough surface material for resurfacing. Been trying to find a new or used disk, (p/n: 43350-mj4-000) and can not find new. A couple of sketchy old ones out there for a lot of money.

There is another option. You can use a CBR400 (NC23?) style rear disk. The 3 holes line up with 3 of the holes on the rim. I have bolted one to a 1000R disk, but I couldn’t find the pic.


The only thing is that it will not be as thick as the vented original unit, and the pistons will extend out further. I think the pistons are plenty long enough, but some actual measuring taking into account worn down pads might be worthwhile.

Yea the # should be stamped on the rotor to show minimum thickness.