1985 VF1000R Right Handlebar Switch

All, your collective wisdom is appreciated here.

My right handlebar switch is FUBAR (no kidding!) and needs a replacement. The parts fiche says the part I want is discontinued: 35130-MJ4-672

Searches through the Magna/Sabre/Interceptor parts lists, do not reveal a ready replacement so I’m coming to you, my esteemed friends, who’ve likely figured this out already.

Question 1: Is there a direct replacement for the OEM right handlebar switch?
Question 2: Failing that, is there a like switch (but it needs longer wires or different connector)?
Q 3: will the forces of Goodness, Ingenuity and Restoration Rightness prevail against the forces of Dastardly Discontinued Darkness?

Your help is appreciated!


Try cbr1000 hurricane,vf500,vf750,cbx750.
Many of the hondas of the same era share similar switchgear,so you are fairly sure to find something that will do the job.
Regards Bif

And be aware there are differences between US (no switch for headlight) and EU (has switch for headlight, parking light and off) version.

What version do you need?

Hi All, thanks for your suggestions and help.

The bike is a US version without the off/on headlight switch option. Interestingly, the headlight wire is a jumper at the connector so the main harness will allow either switch to work. As I understand it, the headlight “always on” feature is for safety, not legal.

(and while we’re talking about it, why in creation would Honda put 3ft of wire in the switches when 1.5ft is needed? With thinking like that, it’s no wonder this thing is overweight!)


Which bit of the switch is fubar? May be able to graft something else in instead.



the start switch internals were hanging by its connecting wires, external to the switch housing. I’ve repaired other switches by adding a discrete switch SPST - a bit more hanging out than I’d like - but it was functional and quite reliable. I don’t have that option easily here without figuring out how to mount that type of switch.

I’ve ordered a generic switch set (from China or Taiwan or one of the 'stan’s, don’t know) from eBay, the price was right enough that I can afford to experiment.

one of the inmates here has PM’d me that he has one - i’ll reply soon as I figure out how, lol!

I replaced my left hand switch with one from a Jinlun Texan, the mouldings are near exact copies of the eighties Honda models, except the printing is white, not red, i simply soldered on the VF switch loom, its been on the bike for about three years.

I bought a pair of switches from China for around £15, I haven’t got around to swapping them yet, one day…