1986 RF fan wiring

Hi and thanks for having me in the forum! I recently purchased an 86 RF for restoration. I’m digging into the wiring now and have found it got a little butchered. The fan tails have 2 pin plug tails on each one but there is no mating connectors to plug them into. Upon further inspection it appears that someone has cross wired a few things. The lower radiator has a thermal switch with a one wire connection and a separete wire going to ground (both are cut). I’ve searched thru the resources here but I can’t find anything showing where the fans plug in or what wires they should be connected too. Any help is appreciated!

Thanks, Dave C.

I have a new wiring harness I can take some photos of it if you like.

Thanks for offering. I think I got it sorted out today. I found a schematic for an 87 VF750 and it got me close. Thanks again!