1986 VF1000 Forks air balane pipe

Hi guys does anyone have a balance pipe for the VF1000FF model for the front forks, or would a VF750D one fit? Cheers Wayne

Hi Wayne,I have one in the shed for the cost of the postage if you want it!

Cheers, how do you want me to pay you,

I’ll go to the post office tomorrow and tell you. It’ll be a few quids at the most!

Postage seems to cost about £3.5 for Britain…

Great thanks, if you want paypal inbox me your email address and I’ll get it to you today. Cheers Wayne

Hi Wayne, I’ll need your address. Can you email it to me at vf1000g24@hotmail.fr

Hi Fred I sent email did it arrive ok?

Hi Wayne,
Got your mail,no problem. Your part will be dispatched from Malemort’s (Corrèze, Fr) post office tomorrow morning and w’ll be due to delivery by the end of the week…


Cheers Fred how much do I owe you?

Hi Wayne,
I’ll tell you tomorrow… Won’t be much anyway!