1987 VF1000F parts for sale

Hey Guys

Have these left over from a joblot of VF’s i bought

Let me know if need anything and i check if i have it

Whats in the photos is what i have left

youve been photo bucked on your pictures

i Don’t understand
What do you mean by that

Photo bucket have started to charge for hosting your pics,it’s affecting everyone who uses it.
The options are to use the likes of Dropbox or another hosting site.
Hurry up though I’ve a couple of projects on the go and you might have something I need
Regards Bif

if you can tell me the problem it would make it easier

can you not see the photos or what

I log in and can see them on the site no problem

Sorry mate,I’ve not been on the wrong end of this myself so don’t know what you are seeing.
Instead of your pic there is a box saying you have used 100% of your 3rd party hosting.
It then refers you to www.photobucket.com/p500
Hope this helps,meantime feel free to email the pics to me.
Regards Bif

Ok no problem i see what your talking about

I’ve changed the photos to a flickr account

So hopefully they are working now

PM message sent.
Regards Bif