2007 Yamaha R6 Forks

Well I just picked up a R6 USD front end with triple’s , forks , callipers , wheel with disc’s and clip on’s for a very small amount .
Yes I know they are a tad on the short side but hard to get much for a reasonable price here in Aus .
Will CNC a drop top triple clamp low enough that the clip on’s go on top of the triple clamp and I’m organising to borrow some VTR1000 side radiators to see if I can make them fit !!
Exciting to get back into it for a little bit at least .

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Pic of said forks !! :grin: .

I would be interested if you get the VTR1000 radiators to fit as I am modifying my bike and want to get rid of the radiators for something different. Keep us informed on your project.

Will do , might be a while as have several other projects to get finished first including the NC30 !!