2014 meet

hi martin…
that’s Matlock BATH… ;D some people say i could do with a good wash, but there’s no way i’m taking the vf swimming ;D. lol.

                                         [url=http://www.hulme-end-campsite.co.uk/] http://www.hulme-end-campsite.co.uk/[/url]

Sorry Pete, that’s the thick southerners for you. I hear the local wardens at MB have got very arsey with the bikers and their parking ? Are you coming down on Friday this time ?
Got a good route for us on Saturday ?

hi martin,
yes im planning on getting there friday evening, it all depends on work, if not i will be there first thing sat morning, i will let you know for deffo beginning of week…

yes the parking wardens at mat-bath seem to have purges every now and then with the bikers, i think if your near to your bike you just ride off when you see them coming, there will prob be a lot of bikers there on saturday… even more on sunday… Its crazy really, they should dedicate an area at the edge of Matlock just for bikers, a food van and a coffee shop… what more could you want… similar to what they did at Sherburn

I will be there, no problems with that, looking forward to it in my new colours 8)

Is anyone else going? if you don’t have a VF on the road how about an alternative bike? :o

hoping to bring the Harley up sat morning but if its raining i will go to work as got deadlines coming at me from every which way before summer shutdown in a weeks time.

hi crooky,
it will be good to see you there on saturday if the weather is fine, Ive sent you my number by PM (if it gets there ::))… if your going to pop down saturday send me a Quick text then we will know to wait for you,

If anyone else is considering popping down, PM me and ill send you my number… or just turn up, i think we will be on the campsite untill 10.00/10.30ish before heading out for a ride.

                                             [url=http://www.hulme-end-campsite.co.uk/] http://www.hulme-end-campsite.co.uk/[/url]

Argh, wish i could come…!

Got a couple of issues with the Bol i need to fix before taking it on a run this long though.

I will be at the next one.

As soon as I saw the weather forecast I knew i was going to get wet, luckily for us the weather men got it partially wrong, and we ended up having a good day and a half of dry sunny weather,
The run through to hulme end is pretty straight forward form where I live, straight down the M1, then off at junction 28, cut across country past Matlock then onto hulme end, myself and phil had decided to meet up and travel down in convoy lol, everything was going great until we got about 20 miles from hulme end, then the heavens opened up, torrential rain, I’ve got to say it’s a long time since I’ve ridden through rain that bad and it lasted for miles, my leather’s started to leak water in, the vf started mis firing, one minute it was running on 3 cylinders, then 4, then 2 then 3, anyway I limped it to the next service station, gave it a good dose of WD40 which eased the situation slightly.
We arrived at the camp site around 8.00 pm, luckily the rain had slowed to just light drizzle, martin had left a sign on his bike saying “gone to pub” which gave us more inspiration to get the tents sorted double quick and join him for refreshments lol.
When we arrived at the manifold pub, which is next door to the camp site, martin had just ordered food, we joined him at the table and ordered too, the evening passed quickly, a few drinks, a large portion of banter and loads of motor bike chat, then back to base camp, the rain showered on and off most of the night and through the next morning until about 12.00 when the sun broke through, and from then on it was dry and sunny the rest of the time.
So with the fine weather firmly with us we decided to head out to Ashbourne for a ride, my vf decided it only wanted to run on 3 cylinders, the front left hand being the guilty party, another dose of WD40 and running the fan over ride blowing air over the front cylinders soon dried up any moisture left from the previous evening. Phil’s vf decided it was only going to run on 2 cylinders, one of the CDI units being full of water, he just emptied the water out, blew it dry, and the bike fired up lovely. Martins FF had no such problems.
So after a few hours chugging around the country side we decided to head out to Wetton mill café, following phil’s satnav was an experience, taking us down lanes hardly wide enough to get two bikes past each other, when we found it, it wasn’t quite the bikers café we had expected but was a welcome refreshment stop.
Saturday evening ended up being more food, refreshments and banter in the manifold pub, Sunday we decided to have another ride around the lovely country countryside before breaking camp and heading for home.
All in all an excellent and eventful weekend, made all the better by the beautiful countryside and great company.




Here, Here Pete,
I’d ridden up from the “sarf” and timed it just right as the drizzle started just after I’d pitched my tent. I had a little snooze before sauntering down to the pub to start proceedings.
I was just beginning to think these battle hardened northeners had wimped out because of the rain when two sorry looking lads poked their (very wet ) heads round the pub corner.
Several pints later they were suitably revived and surprise of the weekend - a Yorkshireman left half of his dinner having paid for it !! I’m told they normally eat themselves sick rather than let that happen.
Seriously, it was a brilliant weekend with some excellent country roads round the Buxton area and many hours of VF talk from history to how to get them running better.

This is the 2nd reunion and needs more people to get it off the ground but as long as we’re 3 minimum, I’ll be back again next year for sure.


I Think I saw a few of you as Hulme End is one of my planned Stops. There was a silver and blue F and a couple of other bikes last week when I was out. Shame neither of my two are running.

hi radical, yes that probably would have been us, you should have called in for a cuppa…

hi atassidevil, yes all being well we should be having another meet up next year,

P.s… has anyone ever been to the Popham megga meet… ?

Hi Pete, Although its not far from me I’ve never been but I have heard its pretty good. The added attraction is that its right next to a light aircraft grass airfield.
I’ll be away again this time round.


hi martin,
thanks for the info, im considering having a run down there if the weather is ok, i was supposed to go to the vjmc show at Donnington last weekend but hurricane berth put paid to that idea, im trying to get another 2 or 3 good ride’s in before the bad weather comes, will have to have a look see what else is happening, i think Stafford show is sometime in October, ive never been to that one, but they say its supposed to be a good show.


Stafford is awesome. You’ll need to get there early if you don’t want to queue for hrs. Some great stuff there, both bikes and parts.