2014 meet

After last years successful vf meet up, just thought i would float the idea of doing it again and see if anyone was interested,

I will be going Pete, it was a cheap camp out anyway, at £4 per night and a short ride to matlock, hopefully the VF will be fully painted and kitted up before it comes up, July/August time? at the moment I can’t do the weekend around the 25th July.

very good phil, im just mulling over a few ideas for a easily detachable rack for the vf as ill probably be doing the camping session this time… think if we use hulme end camp site Derbyshire as the default venue to start with, but If any members are interested but feel its too far to travel, just throw some ideas in the pot.

Hi Pete,
Good idea mate. I`d be up for a repeat of the same - that site was excellent. BTW I emailed you direct a few weeks ago ?
Do you want to float some dates ?


hi martin,
yes i received your email a few days ago, but haven’t replied as yet, as most of my replies seem to get lost in “spam land” :o :o… any weekend in july or august is good for me, i think phil says he cant do the weekend of july 25th… so if you want to narrow the field down a bit and suggest a few dates that are good for you that would be good, and yes hulme end campsite was perfect, lovely location, great roads, Matlock just round the corner and a pub next door ::slight_smile:

I would come along to say hello,No VF anymore so it will have to be on the Harley or in my kit car.Lost track of my old blue and silver VF,the guy said he was selling it almost straight away as it was too heavy but i dont know if he ever did.Cracking bike that was,put a lot of cash and time into it and still miss it.

hi alan,
as a former vf owner, and someone who has helped to keep a few vfs alive with your oiling kits and stainless collectors your more than welcome to call in, whatever your riding

I’d love to come and meet some other VF’s, it can be a busy time of year for me and I’m sure harvest is going to be early this year but work permitting I’m in.
Late July early Aug best for me I reckon.
Campsite / pub sound great.

hi kfrog,
it will be good to see your vf there if you can make it, i cant see it happening before august, which to be honest isn’t that far away.

so, on the subject of dates, i thought i would just throw a few ideas in the pot for anyone interested, hows the weekend of august 9th, or 16th sound… its sure to be glorious weather 8) :o

Hi Pete if I get mine done either dates are good for me

regards paul

hi paul,
yes hope to see you there, hows things going with the vf…

I PM’d you yesterday inquiring how your vf was going, the first message i sent didn’t appear in my out box, so i thought i’ll send it again… that one appeared in my inbox, how is it possible to send a message to yourself… :o. i take it they didn’t arrive lol :o
:o :o strange things happen with this PM system :o :o

Hi Pete, I can’t do either of those dates but could squeeze in the 1st, 2nd , 3rd Aug ? BTW - I would be on a Benelli this time !!
Hope you’re well ?


hi martin,
the first weekend in august (sat 2nd/sun 3rd) is good for me, if anyone else is considering coming but cant make that weekend it would be best to speak up now, august is only 4 weeks away and i think its time to now set a date that everyone is happy with, i know paul was working hard on his vf with a view to coming if it was ready, i wouldn’t want him to miss out for the sake of a few weeks if hes not quite ready…

martin, yes all is well, hope things are good with you too… a benelli ???

                                                        ;)...... ive got to say.....  ;)
                     ;D turning up to a vf meet on a benelli is like taking a knife to a gun fight. ;D
                               ;).. will be good to see you there whatever your riding.. ;)

hi all,

the venue for the 2014 meet will be http://www.hulme-end-campsite.co.uk/

Either drop by for a few hours and enjoy a ride out to nearby Matlock, or pitch the tent up for the weekend.
everybody welcome.

Hulme End Campsite, Alstonefield Lane, Hulme End, Buxton SK17 0EX

Hi Pete, I might hang onto the FF just for this weekend so I can bring my gun to the gun fight ! If its only you and me there Pete, wont the neighbours start talking ?
Hope it doesn’t rain during the night like it did last time - bloody monsoon ! Woke up in the morning to glorious sunshine ; that’s British weather for you.

The Manifold pub is pretty good for beer as well as food and the surrounding roads are among the best in the world for bike riding. Get off your …side stands and make a weekend of it. You wont be sorry. Pete always insists on buying the beers :wink: :wink: :wink: ;D

hi martin,
there will deffo be three vf’s there… as long as you arrive on yours… and as far as the beer go’s, im from Yorkshire… I DONT MIND BUYING EVERYONE A PINT… as long as they share it ;D


Hi Pete am working on bike next week hope to be nearly done by then

hi paul… you don’t hang around :),… so that maybe 4 vf’s to the meet, bl@@dy hell… we may need a bigger venue lol… ;D :o

will be good to see you there if you can make it.

Hi Paul,
I’m certain you wont be disappointed ( or anyone else who is thinking of coming along ) The Manifold pub - yes it really is called that, serves good beer and good meals. The camp site is quiet and small but most of all, there are those unbeatable roads to sweep through plus Matlock Baths just down the road.
Go on - make the effort and treat your VF to some wonderful Derbyshire air !