2015 Sunday Ride Classic april 4-5th

We had a super meeting in real life with Marmite, his brother Richard and his friend Drew. Just one of those long week end you’ll remember when everything goes wrong around you… Thank you so much Martin for your venue and all of us expect to see you and your bunch as soon as possible! Of course all of you from the forum will be welcomed at one of our events.
On friday, the three Brits and me rode from Valence to “Le Castellet” via the beautiful “route Napoléon” in the French Alpes.
The “Col de la Cabre” pass for instance:

If Martin gives me the green light, I may post some photographs of our saturday evening barbecue…

Ain’t that a classy pic-nic table?

Jean-Marc, our sommelier presenting the wine for the sunday’s lunch…

hi fred,
sounds like you had a good time, hope marmite didn’t eat all the food ;D, yes, thanks for the invite, hopefully we will be heading to france and dropping in on one of your events, will be catching up with marmite at the stafford show to discuss our options…

Some more photographs:
Mr Phil Read

Steve Backer

The Marmite Gang

My VF and our bungalow

Sunday’s pic nic with Jean-Marc and Fredster

Our bikes for saturday’s barbecue

You will be welcome next time! But I regret you were not with us this week, Pete…

Hi Fred, finally got round to signing into this site again. Its hard work being retired yuno ! Anyway, we got back last Tuesday evening after perfect weather for the whole 3 day ride home. Caned it most of the way and thanks to the superb French car drivers who advise you of police radar ahead, we managed to miss all the “Police Cash Machines” along the way. An absolute joy to meet up with perfect hosts and to be looked after by such a decent fellow as you Fred. The Napoleon Route has to rank as one of the most spectacular bike rides I’ve ever ridden, bathed in glorious sunshine with scenes to tear your heart out and roads calling you to get your knee down " just like Freddie" (Spencer). That bottle of Medoc you donated to me Fred, went down like smooth syrup last night, and was even generous enough to allow my wife a small sip from it as well.
Can’t recommend this event enough to anyone considering it next year. The Paul Ricard circuit is amazing to watch racing from and I’m sure that’s the same for the racers themselves as well. Rubbinh shoulders with names such as Johnny Cecotto, Phil Read, Christian Sarron, Freddie Spencer, Korky Ballington, Ago ( of course) and several more. I even managed to get my “much sort after” Jarno Saarinen T shirt finally. Bingo all the way.
Cheers boys - and will be posting my VF on the gallery later.