20w50 oil for high mileage vf1000f

The honda manual says its ok to run this viscosity in the vf1000f. Anyone tried it? Thoughts? I have a really high mileage one with a oil bypass kit. She needs valve seals but its just not cost effective right now. It burns about 75ml every 250 Km or so.

I run 20w50 in all of my V4s (over 10 from 500 to 1000) and have since I can remember. Zero issues. The only time I would consider running 10w40 was if I was running them in a consistently cold climate or in the winter where it takes longer to pump the cold, thick oil to the top end. Here in the NW U.S. it’s not really an issue, I rarely ride in anything colder than 50F (10C).

I’m in Southwestern Ontario, so our weather would be pretty similar. I’m changing the oil tomorrow and will use 20w50.
Thanks for your input.