22 years off the road

Hi all bought her 3 months ago.tons of cleaning secondhand carbs and side panels.she was lightly seized gently de seized her oil and filter and plugs.oh and de seized brakes20190917_183237 and she fired up and amazingly sounds fantastic.best thing of all she was featured in 3 mags from 1985 an ex honda road test bike with only 21k20190914_164523


Very nice,great work

Oh man, nice example. Good job on the refresh.

Top job, nice to see another boldor on the road again

Yep I had one in the late 80s and had forgotten how smooth they are.she was featured in performance bikes.motorcycle news and bike international I was stunned when I saw the number plate and realised it was the same bike

Nice bike best of luck. I got a fe about 18 Yr ago still going good,

Yep love it more that can be back on the road the better!

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Fantastic looking really good, well done mate

Thanks mate took a few months but worth it or so I have to keep telling the missus