700 Original Mile VF1000F

I found a deal that I couldn’t pass up for an '84 Interceptor 1000. She has 700 original miles and hasn’t been started since 2010. I’m looking to sell her and am seeking advice about the best way to do so. I have seen some Interceptors do well on BaT and I’m very familiar with Facebook marketplace but I am not sure of the best place to list it. Another issue I’m facing is I’m not sure if I should do maintenance and get her in good running condition or sell her as a “barn find” and let the next owner decide what route to take. The bike is in amazing almost show room condition with the exception that the hydraulic fluid for the clutch leaked at some point and ate some of the paint on the engine. She’s also got a clean title and 3 owners including me and I’m located in Florida. Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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If you still have her I’m interested in buying her
Frank Rose

Hi did this bike already sell?