'84 VF-1000F

Great pic, one for the gallery I think.

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Great pic, one for the gallery I think.

Thanks, Peter is it?

This was taken in 2007 just after resurrection after 7 years of non use. Got it new & now has a measley 32,000 miles so am planning on keeping it “hot” for all the winters hereafter so it’ll start w/o having carb cleans, new battery, rebuilt starter, et al.

I’ve posted that I’d like to find a “drop-in” LED tail/turn signal assembly as my rear stalks are about ready to detatch themselves with rubber deterioration, but probably no chance of that, as I think I’ve covered all bases w/o building something meself.

Appreciate the help on the re-registration idea since I had trouble getting logged on with same credentials as I now have.

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Good luck with the search and welcome to the forum!